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Selected Rubiaceae Tribes and Genera

Charlotte M. Taylor & Collaborators

This page presents taxonomic portions of previously published work on particular genera, and is integrated with the TROPICOS database. The genera treated here are listed on the "Generic List" page.

Note: For each accepted species name in this project, clicking will lead to the Rubiaceae Project data page; to then see the standard TROPICOS Name page data directly from the project page, go to the upper right of the screen and under "Choose Project", click on "TROPICOS".

This web site is under ongoing construction. The "Generic List" page has options to see only accepted genera (the default setting), only synonymous genera, or all genera that have project pages.

In addiition to the genus treatments, there is detailed morphological and synonymy information here for the family Rubiaceae and for selected tribes. These tribes can be accessed on the Name Search screen but are not included in the Generic List. Currently information is available for these tribes: Cinchoneae, Condamineeae, Coussareeae, Hillieae, Palicoureeae, Psychotrieae, Schradereae.

Some common confusions in Rubiaceae names, as to authorship and place of publication in works by Kunth, Roemer & Schultes, Willdenow, A. Richard, Candolle, Baillon, and Kuntze, are outlined here in the Nomenclature Notes on the menu on the left of this page

Many thanks to numerous colleagues and flora projects across the Neotropics that have generously provided information about Rubiaceae over three decades; to the William F. Froelich Foundation for financial support for data compilation; to my generous co-authors, who are listed on the corresponding genus pages; and to Ms. Suzanne Hirth and Dr. Burgund Bassüner for significant help with curation of the specimens and electronic data for this project.


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